unable to copy Exe

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unable to copy Exe

Post by Buphagus » Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:59 pm

On a Windows 7 PC where I have limited admin rights - as a newbie, Ranorex 6.2, I get this Compile error:
On a new recording, when trying to run it: have a Run error.

Unable to copy file "obj\x86\Debug\grdCaseSearch.exe" to "bin\Debug\grdCaseSearch.exe". Access to the path 'bin\Debug\grdCaseSearch.exe' is denied. (MSB3021)

This tree is below c:\users\... (where Ranorex is installed)

Occurs again after new solution/new recording.
Did not occur 5 hrs back when testing at home, only fails at the job site.


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Re: unable to copy Exe

Post by odklizec » Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:20 am


Have you tried to run Ranorex as Administrator? Just right click Ranorex Studio icon and from the appeared menu select "Run as Administrator". If it does not help, then you need to ask your system admin to give you enough admin privileges. Ranorex simply needs enough file access rights to copy files from obj\x86\Debug\ to bin\Debug folder.
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Re: unable to copy Exe

Post by Buphagus » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:16 pm

Getting Admin priv is not an option here.
A workaround is to manually copy the EXE from the OBJ to the Bin directory.
I did inquire and got a resolution that did not involve an Admin priv grant. It was a block by a McAfee rule. I found it in the EventViewer. That rule was relaxed.

Thank you


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Re: unable to copy Exe

Post by krstcs » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:20 pm

You are most likely going to need to get LOCAL admin rights on your system and any other system you run tests on since there are times when Ranorex object recognition is limited due to limited rights. So, you should make that case now to get local admin rights on your system and any other that you need.

You are a developer and should be given the same local admin rights on the systems you need to use as any other developer would have. I have never been anywhere where the developer did not have admin on their own development system. Due to the need for various configuration changes and debugging, this is a requirement for development and should not be denied to you just because you develop tests (which in this case are actually fully functional applications).
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Re: unable to copy Exe

Post by jeetsingh » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:23 pm

I had the similar issue instead with a .rxtst file which I got fixed by unchecking "Read Only" attribute from the "Properties" of the parent folder that contained the Ranorex Test Suite file.