Unable to find item when binding a variable.

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Unable to find item when binding a variable.

Post by IndraPhilippines » Fri Oct 24, 2014 4:00 am

I have a strange problem with the tool. After i record my test it runs smooth but when i try to bind the login field with my excel data source it cannot find the item i bind. :(

Failed to find item 'CMSTESTRepository.LOGINOpenCMSMeralcoRESBuild688.Text104'.
No element found for path '/form[@title~'^LOGIN:\ Open\ CMS\ -\ Meralco']/?/?/text[@controlid='10' and @text='ME155025']' within 1m.

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Re: Unable to find item when binding a variable.

Post by krstcs » Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:20 pm

I would guess that the problem is the "@text='ME155025'" part. Try taking that out.

Remember that these attributes are what Ranorex is expecting to find, so if the textbox is blank, then @text will also be blank. If you set @text='12345' then Ranorex expects to find a textbox with the text of '12345'.

On elements where the text will change (like a username or password field, or phone numbers, etc.) you should not use the @text (or @innertext/@value for web elements) attribute as an identifier because as soon as you start typing something into the field, that value changes and Ranorex will no longer be able to find the item.
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