Unable to maintain focus on menu item in Dynamics AX

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Unable to maintain focus on menu item in Dynamics AX

Post by TLodge » Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:21 pm

I've downloaded the Evaluation copy to determine if Ranorex is a suitable product for my company to use with our ERP project and eventually with additional applications later down the road. I seem to have run into a rather frustrating issue.

I've generated a relatively basic recording in our ERP to create a sales opportunity, when I playback my recording, the tool loses focus on the menu item that I'm trying to select from the navigation path. When I review the test steps and inspect the screenshot, Ranorex has the correct item highlighted, but playback will fail every time. I've tried modifying the delay, re-recording and selecting from a seperate menu and nothing will work. I can type the path in, but I want to utilize the GUI fuctionality to ensure that it is working properly. I've attempted to locate the elements using the Spy but all it is finding is the main form and no other elements within the UI. Am I missing something? The screenshots display everything I touched in this script yet it's failed each and every time.

I've attached screens to give a brief idea of where this is failing.

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Re: Unable to maintain focus on menu item in Dynamics AX

Post by Support Team » Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:38 pm


Is it possible to get a Ranorex Snapshot of your application showing these menu items?
Please take a look at Creating Ranorex Snapshot Files in our User Guide.
This would help us to analyze your issue.
You could post or send it to [email protected].

It might be that the RxPath of your elements has changed after your recording.
If the RxPath consisted of dynamic identifiers, you might need to create a new Path Weight rule.
Please take a look at our blog for more information regarding Automated Testing and Dynamic IDs.

Markus (T)

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Re: Unable to maintain focus on menu item in Dynamics AX

Post by HD_Jim » Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:55 am

Hi TLodge,

I know I am a long time out of date, but just saw this post. RANOREX is the BEST prooduct to automate AX with. I trialed 10 products from the expensive to the free and only two winners came out of the trial. Out of those two only one did all of AX - RANOREX. The best part was that RANOREX was also the cheapest, it was 20% the price of the other tool.

We use the links on the home, sales, etc etc tabs in AX to navigate to all of our screens, we are using AX 2012 on our project. We also use the path to navigate as you do. What you will find is there are two objects there - a text box to type in the URL and the breadcrumb bar to select area's of navigation, they are both there and it just depends on how you interact with them.

If you are still carrying out your POC let me know and I can help you with this part.

Jim Donovan
Test Automation Manager

Sime Darby Industrial