Unique access point to AUT

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Unique access point to AUT

Post by F_Mitouard » Fri Feb 04, 2022 2:20 pm


first, I apologise for my poor english.

I am using Ranorex Studio v 10.1.1 to automate test for a Windows Desktop Application (Winform and WPF)
All automated regression suite are start whith an "startUAT" tests case with a variable (startAUTaccees) to indicate the folder paht that contain the version of the solution I want to test.

Each new vertion of the UAT is delivered in a dedicated folder : C:\Eureka\Dispatch\release-x.xx.0\Dispatch.exe for exemple.
Where "release-x.xx.0" give the version and "Dispatch.exe" is the application.

Each time I need to change the version i want to test, I need to modify the startAUTaccees variable in all the tests suite.
I'm looking for a better solution.
Is there a solution share this variable in all the tests suite (in all the project, like an environnement variable) ?

I can, of course, create a dedicated Start and login unique suite but I would prefer closing and starting my solution for each suite.

Note : The non regression suites are builded and run at night whith a pipeline using Azure Devops solution. I chose the suite i Want to play and when in a .yml script file.

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Re: Unique access point to AUT

Post by Jacob » Fri Feb 04, 2022 10:32 pm

Hi F_Mitouard!

Welcome to the Ranorex Forums! It sounds like there are a few things that might work depending on your situation.
  1. Data Driven Testing: Set the path to the executable as a variable, then link that variable to a data source. You can even tell Ranorex which row in the data source you want to use from your CI Pipeline if you only want to run the regression suite on a subset of the builds.
  2. Global Parameters: These operate like environment variables and can be specified via the command line at runtime in your Pipeline. The primary difference between Data Driven testing and Global Parameters is that the Global Parameters cannot be linked to a data source to update them dynamically as the test progresses.

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Re: Unique access point to AUT

Post by HansSchl » Wed Feb 23, 2022 8:34 am

Adding to Jacob's reply, the data source can be a CSV or Excel file. If your installation process writes the AUT's path into the CSV file, you can use it in the test, without having to modify anything.


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Re: Unique access point to AUT

Post by F_Mitouard » Mon Mar 07, 2022 4:07 pm

Hello Jacob,
Hello Hans,

Sorry for my late anwser,
Thank you both for your help.

I finally find the simpliest way to manage my point :

I change my access path one's for all in the script StartAUT that I use in every suite.
Keep It Stupid Simple !