Unresponsive / Slow Android App

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Unresponsive / Slow Android App

Post by tvu » Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:01 pm

Hello Support,

I deployed our native Android app via the Ranorex Intrumentation Wizard. The app is very responsive and as far as I can tell behaves similar to the non-instrumented version when the phone is not connected to the computer via USB. The app continues to be responsive when I connect the phone to my computer via USB and before Ranorex Studio detects it.

I begin to experience slowness / unresponsiveness when I select the phone under "Devices" and click the "Retry" button to establish the connection. Both the app and Ranorex Studio becomes unresponsive. If I attempt to scroll on the device, it would take over 30 seconds for the app to respond. If I try to record something, Ranorex Studio will take over 30 seconds to record the one action. Ranorex Studio won't even pick up the actions if I try to do several actions on the App. On several occasion, the app has crashed.

I tried to disable "Web Testing" as suggested at the following thread, but it didn't help.
http://www.ranorex.com/forum/tests-run- ... t7623.html

Is there anything I can do to improve the situation?


Testing Parameters:
Windows 8.1
Ranorex v5.3.1
Service App v1.8.1
Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505 Unlocked) running Android 4.4.2
Samsung USB Driver is installed

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Re: Unresponsive / Slow Android App

Post by Support Team » Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:55 pm

Hi Tung,

Thank you for reporting this behavior.

May I ask you to update Ranorex to the latest version and try to reproduce this issue? Please also let me know if your application was instrumented by Source Code or via Instrumentation Wizard and if you have already tried to disable the "Full image comparison" option as described in this posting http://www.ranorex.com/forum/tests-run- ... tml#p31356

Should you still face any issues after trying these approaches I'd like to ask you to send us the non-instrumented version of your application under test. This allows us to analyze the issue directly in our environment.

Thank you in advance.

Markus (S)

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Re: Unresponsive / Slow Android App

Post by tvu » Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:26 pm

Thanks Markus,

I disabled the "Full image comparison" and the responsiveness has improved dramatically.

I can't try your suggestion of upgrading to Ranorex 5.3.2 right now due to an unrelated issue. Our Devs has requested I do not update to Ranorex 5.3.2 since that version can't instrument iOS apps for the iOS Simulator. Ranorex support has given me a work around that requires us to edit some paths in the Xcode project files, but the Devs are hesitant to do it at the moment.

I am hoping the next version of Ranorex will not require that work around.

Thanks again for the help,

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Re: Unresponsive / Slow Android App

Post by AdamMackintosh » Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:44 am

I contacted Ranorex support a couple weeks ago for the same issue, and they put one of their engineers on my issue, and the guy came back with a solution:

See my attachment. He had me turn off that option under instrumentation settings while instrumenting the APK.

Our app has a camera component, and it was incredibly slow ONLY on that view, and this was the fix.
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