Upgrading experience from v8.2.1 through v8.3.3 to v9.1.0

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Upgrading experience from v8.2.1 through v8.3.3 to v9.1.0

Post by Stub » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:30 pm

We've been using Ranorex v8.2.1 for a while. Nice and stable, stuff just works. Excellent.

But obviously the time comes to upgrade.

So Ranorex v8.3.3 required a bit of work on some of our RawText elements. We heavily depend on GDI Capture and there were some obvious changes to Ranorex here, necessitating some changes to our repository. There was also a curious issue where a right-click on a screen element was utterly and completely ignored - the only way around it that I could find was to right-click the element at a particular coordinate, using the "without bounds checking" flavour of that API (because the width of the RawText elements in Ranorex v8.3.3 has changed from v8.2.1). I still don't understand that one. I also have an outstanding query with Ranorex Support on one issue that I have no work-around for. Overall not too bad an upgrade experience.

And finally just the other day I upgraded to Ranorex v9.1.0. Immediately loving the new test progress dialog! This was a much easier upgrade than going to Ranorex v8.3.3 IMO. The only curious issue I've had to work-around involves a SysDateTimePicker32 control. Trying to input a date value into that control is something I've always found awkward, right from Ranorex v6.0. But I got it stabilised so it just worked... until Ranorex v9.1.0. Now the focus seems to 'bounce' off the control when I click on it. I eventually worked around the issue by clicking on it, waiting, Focus() it again, waiting a wee bit more, and then starting to type. That appears reliable so far in my testing. Quite why it's different with Ranorex v9 I have no idea. But overall a very pleasant upgrade experience - one I had been worried about. Phew!

Ranorex v9 Dark theme though. Lovely. Wish I could dock the Errors/Output/Find Results windows outside of the main frame window. Still fighting with them a bit as I tend to park them on my 2nd monitor.

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Re: Upgrading experience from v8.2.1 through v8.3.3 to v9.1.0

Post by loonquawl » Mon Jul 01, 2019 1:46 pm

I agree. Upgrading is mostly painless, if sometimes a bit protracted : Update Studio. Update Agent. Update License Manager. Update Project. ...

Only quibble i have with the way things work on that front is the writing of versions into each and every file: Git will see a change, and practically the whole project needs to be committed. No problem as such, but if you have a commit of ~500 files, how to ascertain that all the changes are just update-related? A: you don't and just hope you did not break anything.