URGENT How do I downgrade to 5.2?

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URGENT How do I downgrade to 5.2?

Post by KenBobPDX » Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:39 pm

This morning when I started Ranorex, I was told that there was an update available to version 5.3. Being the type of person who likes to always be on the latest version, naturally I downloaded and installed it right away before starting my work on a new test suite. When I tried to start the new 5.3 version I was told that my license server was on 5.2 and it was incompatible with the shiny new 5.3 version I'd just installed!

Wait... what!? My license server is on a managed system that has to have upgrades, patches, etc. scheduled. I can't just run over to my license server and upgrade it to 5.3 no matter how easy it might be.

Now I'm stuck. I uninstalled the 5.3 version of Ranorex Studio, but now I have no Ranorex on my system at all. :shock:

How do I download the 5.2 version of Ranorex so I can do my work? Better still how can I do this quickly before my boss discovers I'm stuck because of my own blunder? :oops:


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Re: URGENT How do I downgrade to 5.2?

Post by Support Team » Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:53 pm

Hi KenBobPDX,

Please take a look at the following post. You will find a link where you can download all version of Ranorex:
How or where can I download a specific version of Ranorex