used memory is increasing while ranorex is running

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used memory is increasing while ranorex is running

Post by JayDee » Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:47 pm

Hi Friends!

we got into some trouble while performing a mass data test because the process that uses ranorex raises his demand on memory all the time...

we made a little test project where we touch just 5 controls (so we have a *.rxrep with those 5 items). With those 5 controls we open a workspace in our testobject, fill a textbox and close the workspace. Thats all. This loop runs a thousand times and we get a memory information after each step (therefor we use System.Environment.WorkingSet).

At every 8th iteration we can see how the garbage collector is working but he is not able to clean up the difference between memory use at 1st iteration and 8th iteration.

to make it short:

1.iteration = 43.028 KB
1000.Iteration = 153.060 KB

and we had values up to > 800MB with bigger repositories and more action... Any ideas how to stop Ranorex eating our memory? :)

Best Regards from Hamburg! JayDee

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Re: used memory is increasing while ranorex is running

Post by Support Team » Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:57 pm


Please answer me a few additional questions:
  • Which version of Ranorex is in use?
  • Which technology is your unit under test?
  • Do you automate your application by using the image based automation?
  • Is your app x86 or x64?
  • Would it be possible to share the app with us and your Ranorex project too, to reproduce the issue?
Thanks in advance.

Ranorex Team