UserCodeModule excel variable binding next row

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UserCodeModule excel variable binding next row

Post by oyvindlu » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:54 pm


This is probably/hopefully an easy question to answer. I have added a dummy test with one usercode module. In this usercode module I've added a module variables .

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public string VarLoanSum
	get { return _VarLoanSum; }
	set { _VarLoanSum = value; }
Then in databinding I've hooked up an Excel file. I then associate the module variable with the column in the excel doc. This i all ok. But I have two rows in my excel doc, the first row i can get data out by
just accessing the module variable

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var value = VarLoanSum;
But how do i get to the next row and get the next row of data and keep my module variable updated.

Doing something like this comes to mind

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but it aint working. This I hoped would take me to the next row. (but the module variable (VarLoanSum) is not updated still has old value). How can i get this working ?

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Re: UserCodeModule excel variable binding next row

Post by krstcs » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:52 pm

Each row should be it's own data entity and assigned to an individual iteration of a test case/script, so you should not be getting data from the next row.

Try making more columns and putting the data you need for each test iteration in a single row.

For instance, to test login/logout, you could have this dataset:

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(Col1)     (Col2)
user1     user1Password
user2     user2Password
Your testcase would look like:
Test Case 1 - Login (Databind - NAME/PASSWORD)

And the system would run Test Case 1 for each row in the datasheet.

Just remember that each row in your databind is a separate test iteration.
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