Using a Data Source against an Oracle Database

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Using a Data Source against an Oracle Database

Post by jeffh » Wed May 18, 2011 8:41 pm

I made a recording and changed one of the key sequences into a module parameter. I then created a data source that connects to an Oracle 11 database and retrieves the information I need.
I then bound that data from the connector to the module variable in the recording.

I can check the data source and refresh the data/preview the data and see that the connector is retrieving the data I expect. However, when I play the recording, the data is not "keyed" and the test eventually fails. The field is left blank although Ranorex "thinks" it successfully filled the field because it tries to move on to the next step in the test.

I have been successful creating and binding global parameters, simple data tables, etc.
What am I missing as far as using this Oracle data source goes?

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Re: Using a Data Source against an Oracle Database

Post by Support Team » Thu May 19, 2011 4:07 pm

What are the message Ranorex writes to the report? Does it report the correct values from the database?
Have you tried running the recording with the default values, i.e. without bound data variables?

Obviously, getting the data from the database works, so the only thing I can image to go wrong is that the textbox, where you want to input the data, does not have the keyboard focus when Ranorex executes the key sequence action. Please, try clicking into the textbox before performing the keyboard action and also unbind any repository item linked to the key sequence (repository item should be "(No item)" for the key sequence action then).

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