Using dll/project from the AUT in the Automation solution

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Using dll/project from the AUT in the Automation solution

Post by Munro89 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:34 pm

Recently, I have added references to DLL's from my AUT to the automation solution to test webservice's functionality. Basically, we have an application that talk's with another to retrieve info. We implemented a fake webservice since we don't want to test the other application (Great Plains from Microsoft). I call the fake webservice to «retrieve stuff» from my automation solution and I can test what happens in our software. Since then, I have many problems recognizing items from the AUT.

What I noticed is that when I update the AUT project, the Dll's I have referenced are updated and my solution is sort of updated. I sometime have references to those Dll's and the AUT won't rebuild properly.

Colleagues told me to reference projects instead, which I did. When I start the application and try to find items, they are not found. When I use spy against the AUT, everything is found correctly. I noticed that it's random. I start the test (via NUnit and Resharper test runner) and it fails. I start again with no rebuild and it works. It's driving me nuts :|

I use Ranorex 2.33, Windows 7 (64bit), Visual Studio 2008 for both projects.

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Re: Using dll/project from the AUT in the Automation solution

Post by Support Team » Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:24 am


Please could you post some additional information
  • Which version of Ranorex is in use?
  • Do you get some error messages? (From Ranorex or Studio Output Console)
  • Could it be that your the "dummy" web service blocks Spy?
Thanks in advance.

Ranorex Team