Using Ranorex Remote Agent on virtual workstations ?

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Using Ranorex Remote Agent on virtual workstations ?

Post by YvesL » Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:01 pm

Using Ranorex Agent on virtual workstations ?

I’d like to run tests on a Ranorex Remote Agent, so that my workstation remains ‘available’ while tests are running on another workstation on the same network.
Right now I’m using a physical workstation but in the future I’m planning to
- run the tests on virtual workstations
- use Jenkins to start the tests on virtual workstations

I know the Agent:
- needs a Local Admin account to run,
- that this account needs to be permanently open and unlocked, screensaver and standby disabled,
- that inbound connections to TCP port 8081 and UPD ports 10000-10200 must be allowed,
- that the Agent settings “Autostart at logon” and “Keep session active” need to be on.

But I’ve been looking for other technical requirements that might exist …

In this post: ... 11111.html
I read: “Your remote system MUST have a FULLY REALIZED AND UNLOCKED DESKTOP in order for Ranorex (or any other UI test system) to function properly. There is no getting around this as it is a WINDOWS security feature. That means you will either need to keep RDP open, or use something like VNC.”

Why do I need “something like VNC” ?

Thanks in advance for your help,



Re: Using Ranorex Remote Agent on virtual workstations ?

Post by Vega » Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:24 pm

"FULLY REALIZED DESKTOP" pretty much means that a user is logged in and the session is active (not locked). So just like you log into a local account and see the desktop, that would be an unlocked and active user session. Since you are using Jenkins, I would recommend checking out the Jenkins integration guide here: ... roduction/

Sometimes VNC is recommended because RDP can be finicky for some environments.

hope this helps