Validation 'AreEqual' - user code

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Validation 'AreEqual' - user code

Post by martin_n » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:43 pm


could you please explain me, how to modify the parameter, which an object form repository is compared to? I am trying to validate a KeePass version using user code:

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string strKeePassVersion = "2.34";

Validate.AreEqual(MyRepo.AboutForm.KeePassVersion, strKeePassVersion);
When the test case is running, this validation fails, giving the following report:

Module execution was aborted because a validation step has failed. Objects are not equal (actual='{Cell:2.34}', expected='2.34').

I believe there must be something smarter than assigning the exact value {Cell:2.34} to that string variable. Is there a method, which would return the text value of that cell only? Or should I modify the Xpath of that element?

I am using Ranorex 6.2.0 on Win7 Prof, SP1, 64bit

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Re: Validation 'AreEqual' - user code

Post by odklizec » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:42 am

Nazdar ;)

Just use Validate.Attribute instead of Validate.AreEqual, like this...

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Validate.Attribute(MyRepo.AboutForm.KeePassVersion, "Text", strKeePassVersion);
Hope this helps?
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