Validation Step Failing Now

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Validation Step Failing Now

Post by cloudbabush » Thu Sep 01, 2022 2:43 pm

I had created several actions of the nature :

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Validate | AttributeEqual| WindowsText
in various Recording Module. They have been working fine for more than 3 months.

Now all of a sudden all the actions of the :

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 Validate | AttributeEqual| WindowsText   
are failing with the following message
Attribute 'WindowText' of element for item 'RepoItem' does not match the specified value (actual='(null)', expected='This is what I expected').

Neither the AUT nor the Ranorex version (10.2.1) have changed . The only changes I recall i made were some settings change for studio wherein I changed the RanoreXpath Settings slider towards the extreme left (i.e Speed from Middle). Not sure if that could have caused it . Apart from that I don't recall changing anything.

Please Note : Due to Security Policies I am unable to share the snapshots. Any thoughts much appreciated.

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Re: Validation Step Failing Now

Post by odklizec » Thu Sep 01, 2022 4:12 pm


Sadly, without, at very least, a Ranorex snapshot, it’s impossible to tell what’s wrong.

Have you checked the failing element? The most probable reason of the error like this is, that the attribute you are validating is really ‘null’. Maybe the text you want to validate is now in another attribute or maybe the app under test was indeed changed and the text you want to validate is even under different element? Unfortunately, without seeing the app under test or the snapshot, there is nothing else to suggest.
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Please add these details to your questions:
  • Ranorex Snapshot. Learn how to create one >here<
  • Ranorex xPath of problematic element(s)
  • Ranorex version
  • OS version
  • HW configuration