Version 0.9.4 Beta2

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Version 0.9.4 Beta2

Post by webops » Sat Oct 07, 2006 6:25 pm

A new Beta version of Ranorex: V0.9.4 Beta2 has been created and is ready for download.

General new Features
  • For searching an element with FindChild the location information can also be used.
    C++, Python: A new function ElementFindChildLocation() has been added.
    .NET: A new overloaded FindChild() method of the class Element has been added.
    Location should be used if the Element cannot be identified uniquely with Role, Name and ClassName.

    The Application class in RanorexNet has been extented with the function ShowForm().
    ShowForm can be used to start and automate a Form in the process space of the test application.

    RanorexSpy shows also the Client position of an Element not only the screen position.
Bug Fixes
  • Selection error of a List Box item (if the List Box is in a dialog) has been corrected.
    The problem with dynamically changed element name of a status bar pane has been fixed.
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