Version Control System for Shared Object Repository

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Version Control System for Shared Object Repository

Post by NewLearner » Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:15 pm

We are using shared object repository(external) for different test suites, so different tester will open/work test suites which mapped in to shared object repository(external), now we are facing object conflicts and object missing while saving shared object repository(external) by different users, so we planned to use some version control system to overcome this issue.
We have HP QC/ALM, CVS systems license at the moment,
My queries,
1. I knew we can execute test suites exe from HPQC/ALM in test lap, but my query : is it possible to store Renorex object repository in “Test Resource” tab in HP QC/ALM, And is it possible to use this file from Ranorex, if so how to call or use(URL) “Test Resource” files in HP QC from Ranorex.

2. We are using CVS system for document version control system, I didn’t know anything about CVS system, is it possible to use CVS as my version control system and store my shared object repository in CVS and call from Ranorex?

3. If I’m going to buy version control software, please let me know which is giving more flexible, suitable for Ranorex? (Subversion, Bamboo, Mercurial, Git, Perforce)

4. If I’m going to take open source version control software tortoisesvn, is it giving flexible/suitable for Ranorex.

Thank you,

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Re: Version Control System for Shared Object Repository

Post by Speedboat » Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:13 pm

Hi Madhavan

to 3) and4)
Preferably subversion which is supported ba Ranorex. You can do all the subversion operation within the opened ranorex solution. You need to have tortoisesvn installed anyway to use ranorex integration.

to 2)
for shared objects used by different solutions (repository or common framework functions) there is no nice integration available (as far as I know).
My proposal:
- ignore and unversion all common files which are located in a own path and linked only from all ranorex solutions
- use a separate subversion repository and do the necessary opertions out of ranorex by tortoisesvn.
This needs some rules if you work in a team which have to strictly followed:
Whenever you checkout or commit in a ranorex solution make sure all files are saved or close the ranorex solution. After that use tortoisesvn for the commen files to commit to the other svn repository

after that use the sperate repository to commit or check on updates for the common files