Visible elements recognized as not visible

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Visible elements recognized as not visible

Post by fr_cet » Wed May 27, 2015 1:17 pm


I'm currently testing a desktop application, but I ran into some problems.

In the application, there is a "Properties View" panel which contains a table with properties, depending on the currently selected object. The left column contains labels, while cells in the right column contain (mostly) editable text. This can be seen in the following screenshot from the RanorexSpy, with mouse over "Notes" label, together with how it looks in the tree:
As you can see, label cells are visible, but record cells (those that I need to click to edit text) have "Visible" attribute set to false (they are grayed out), and I can't get Ranorex to click on them. Workaround for that seems to be to click on the label, which activates record cell, so it's not that big issue so far.
However, one problem that can be immediately spotted is that "Table Version" (both label and record) cells are not recognized, the last row in Spy tree contains "Table Operator".

While that itself does cause some inconvenience to me, it's not critical at the moment.
The real problem starts as soon as I edit something. For example, if I add "abc" to the notes, suddenly all cells have their visibility set to false.
This is the screenshot from RanorexSpy after i edited the text, again mouse is over "Notes" label, but now the whole table is marked:
And in the tree it can be seen that all elements are grayed out, so not visible.
After that, I can't click on any cell and I can't edit any attribute (only with Ranorex, of course, using application manually works fine). Setting up mouse clicks with coordinates does work, but that is not an acceptable solution, as I won't be the only one running the tests, and correct coordinates depend on layout, screen resolution etc.

Could someone take a look at those two issues and tell me if I'm doing something wrong, and how to solve the problems, could there be at least some workaround?

Also, I attached the Snapshot of Table element with "not" visible cells:
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Re: Visible elements recognized as not visible

Post by Support Team » Thu May 28, 2015 9:22 am

Hello fr_cet,

Unfortunately, it is really hard to analyze the issue without further information about your application under test. There can be several reasons for the mentioned behavior. It would be great if you could provide your application or a sample application, which behaves the same. Therefore, please contact [email protected].

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Visible elements recognized as not visible

Post by The_Pope » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:04 pm

Hi, you have probably already solved this issue but for people like me who found the post and not a solution, here's what I can offer:

Issue: I see the error "Failed to move to location '96;716' within element '{Button:System Administration}'.
The pointer cannot be moved to point '{X=-1622,Y=1497}' since it is outside of the visible desktop." The item in question is clearly visible on the screen.

Cause (for me): When I designed the actions, I had it labelled as a Mouse | Click | Left. I didn't pay attention to the next column/field called "Action Spot" because it says "Relative". Well, when I clicked on the action's row, the 'Action Spot' field revealed some coordinates.

Solution: I simply changed the value in the "Action Spot" field to "Center" (or whatever is appropriate for you) and presto....Ranorex now found the element and clicked on it :)

Maybe this is due to Ranorex trying to interpret the dimensions of all elements which can be different than the actual visible interface?

good luck!