Wait attribute usage and also Test suite query

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Wait attribute usage and also Test suite query

Post by ashivankari84 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:11 pm

Hi Team,

I need to know with an example how we can use wait for action attribute since my application always has some Iframe issue due to which the test run is not consistent.

Even delay did not help either hence request you to give with example, and also if there are 10 test cases in a test suite I want some test cases to be running even some test cases fails how can I achieve it.

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Re: Wait attribute usage and also Test suite query

Post by odklizec » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:41 am


As for the first question, You can use Wait For Exists/NotExists action (or method), which will wait for the presence or absence of an element, before continuing to next recording step.

Basically, you should create a repo element, which you want to wait for and drag&drop this element to Recording table. Then from the appeared menu, select "Wait For" action. You can also add Wait For action manually from the list of recording actions and assign the repo element later.

As for continuing with next test case after previous one fails, you need to set proper Error Behavior at Test Case level (most probably Continue with sibling).

Hope this helps?
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