What does a runtime licence actually allow?

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What does a runtime licence actually allow?

Post by PPChailley » Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:40 pm

Hi Ranorex team

I'm presently under evaluation of Ranorex suite, and trying to determine my exact needs in terms of licenses. There is a grey zone in what a "Runtime License" allows.

Let the following team and project:
:arrow: Lead test-developers write a testing framework that includes mapping the application under tests to RxRep files (using the Ranorex Spy), then to C# formX.Repository.cs classes, then write some business-specific API hiding all Ranorex objects, exposing a business-level and window-little-dependant API allowing code like
var invoice Invoice.NewWindow();
invoice.CustomerId = 144;
:arrow: Test-case developers then write test cases using only this framework API

In this scenario, to my understanding, the lead developers will need each a Pro license (which will probably be node-locked) and each test-case developer will be good with a runtime license. The testing server will also require its own node-locked runtime license.

Also, I wonder in what extent the test-case-developers can share floating licenses: when exactly is the license taken by a developer? During compilation? During execution?

Am I missing something?
Thank you in advance

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Re: What does a runtime licence actually allow?

Post by Support Team » Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:12 pm


If your test developers only use your framework API you will need a 'Runtime License'.
All lead developers who use Ranorex tools like 'Ranorex Spy' need at least a 'Professional License'.
I highly recommend to use a 'Premium License' in order to minimize test developing effort.

A 'Floating License' is leased during test execution (at least a 'Runtime License') or during usage of a Ranorex tool (depending on which tool is used at least a 'Professional License').

Markus (T)