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What's this?

Post by Ciege » Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:06 pm

I take a short 5 day vacation to San Diego California taking the family to Sea World and the beach and I return to a whole new forum setup.
Anyway, I'll have to delve into the new forum design and see where everything goes now... I'll do that once I get my coffee and resume figuring out what this whole "work" thing is for again and try to talk myself out of becoming a beach bum and retiring somewhere near the ocean!
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Re: What's this?

Post by Support Team » Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:50 pm

Ciege wrote:... I return to a whole new forum setup
The only constant thing in this world is change :wink:

Seriously, we finally cleaned up the forum structure so it fits to the Ranorex 2.X architecture; the old "Ranorex Net", "Ranorex Python" forums were actually a relict from Ranorex 1.X times. In the new structure we have a separate forum for discussions not directly related to Ranorex but to automation in general ("Automation Discussions") and a separate forum for code snippets, examples, and guidelines ("How To...").

Until now, we just merged some of the forums together (Spy, Recorder, Studio became "Automation Tools"; Core, Net, Python became "Automation API") and moved some of the most interesting topics into the newly created forums. In the next few weeks we try to fill the new forums and we will also move some old topics into the correct forums - but don't worry, links to forum posts remain valid even if the post is moved from one forum to the other!

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the new forum outline!

Ranorex Team