Why the difference in search times?

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Why the difference in search times?

Post by Ciege » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:09 pm

With the following two lines of code why the difference in search times?


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Ranorex.Table HDTable = HDReportsForm.FindSingle(".//element[@controlname='gridItems']/table[@accessiblerole='Table']", 180000);

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Ranorex.Table HDTable2 = HDReportsForm.FindSingle(".//table[@accessiblerole='Table']", 180000);
All things being equal,
#1 routinely takes around 2 minutes to find the table in my AUT.
#2 routinely takes less than 20 seconds to find the table in my AUT.

Similarly, if I do this, the element and table are usually found in less than 20 seconds.

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Ranorex.Core.Element HDElement = HDReportsForm.FindSingle(".//element[@controlname='gridItems']", 180000);
Ranorex.Table HDTable = HDElement.FindSingle(".//table[@accessiblerole='Table']", 180000);
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Re: Why the difference in search times?

Post by Support Team » Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:08 pm

hey Ciege,

Sorry for the late answer.

Searching for
looks through *everything* for the element with controlname gridItems, and then looks beneath for the matching table. If one is found, the search is complete.

Splitting it up (like you do in the last sample), causes the search for the gridItems element to be finished after a single matching element has been found.

This behavior is caused by the fact that the steps in the RxPath match a set of items, not only a single item, and the "FindSingle" optimizes only the last step, because there might be different "gridItem" elements somewhere...

There is currently room for improvement, so stay tuned :D

Generally, "//" should be used with great care because this is usually very expensive. So splitting up the search if you are looking for a single element with "//" is a really good idea (if "//" is not the last step in the search)

Ranorex Team